Sander Thijsen

pianist / improviser / educator

... based in Groningen, the Netherlands. On this website you can find some recordings to listen to, and information on my work as educator/teacher.

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music (selected discography)

Heartscape - Sander Baan Quartet [2017]

Sincere, boundless and direct. Heartscape is a personal exploration of our inner world, a landscape of the heart. That which can not be said in words, is expressed in eight wordless songs, together forming an emotional landscape. Spanning from the dephts of heartbreak to the peaks of euphoria, this landscape pictured by the Sander Baan Quartet is easily recognizable, inviting the listener on an exploration of their own.

Musically, the album takes different directions. The atmospheric title track heavily contrasts the explosive rock of Space Invaders while the tribal grooves of Unchained collapse in the heartbreaking notes of Never Goodbye and Can I go home now? Although it is clear that the band is firmly rooted in the jazz tradition, Heartscape undeniably leans towards rock. This results in a combustible mixture of energetic grooves, lyrical passages and explosions of raw power.

About Sander Baan Quartet
This Dutch/German team plays without pretense: music from the heart, not from the brain. Each tune tells a personal story with it’s own distinctive character, evolving along a path full of unpredictable twists and turns.
Sander Baan - saxophones // Sander Thijsen - piano // Jonathan Nagel - double bass // Wieland Möller - drums

Fjord - TPO [2015]

Fjord is about space, the elements and natural movement.
On this debut recording, TPO captures a number of improvisations and a handful of original compositions. Not having planned most of what they were going to record, all three musicians are in a place of spontaneity and musical risk-taking. The result is music with a strong gravitational pull, inviting the listener in from the very first note.

A fjord is where the water of the sea dissolves into the land, slowly changing its form and shape. On this album, TPO creates a fjord of its own, delving deeply into an exploration of the natural forces and their movements. Whether these are the forces of water and land, cosmos and stars, or the sounds of drumsticks and strings, does not really matter.

Like the slow movements of water and land, the music on Fjord moves slowly, morphing from one texture to another, from one sound to the next, taking the listener along on the exploration of the natural movements that are all around and inside us.

About TPO
TPO is a young Dutch/Danish trio. Reflecting Nordic landscapes and soundscapes, the trio uses space and silence as its main musical tools. TPO plays improvisations and original compositions.
Sander Thijsen - piano // Jan Ruerd Oosterhaven - electric bass & effects // Morten Poulsen - drums


I am active as a piano teacher in the area of Groningen (the Netherlands), where I teach private lessons in a nice and cosy studio in the heart of the city. I specialize in teaching improvisation and jazz music, and can help prepare students for entrance in music conservatories. Next to that, I teach beginners and people interested in other genres as well. I'm very flexible, and I always adjust to the interests and level of my students. Trial lessons are available, so don't hestitate to contact me if you're interested! Online lessons through Skype and Zoom are available as well.

Next to teaching in my private practice, I also teach Piano Lessons at Usva, which offers extra affordable pricing for students of RUG and Hanze (also available for staff, alumni and outsiders).

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Please don't hestitate to contact me if you're interested in bookings or piano lessons.

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